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TV Reception
« on: April 23, 2016, 06:18:28 PM »
Personally I don't watch much TV, however my wife does like to follow her favourite programmes, that is when the system is operating properly.

I know its not just our area of reception that continually fails, especially at and almost every weekend.
Right now I don't know what proportion we pay out of the annual ground rent for the TV package since it was stopped being itemised on our bills.

Surely with the amount of payees into the coffers every year an upgrade could be forthcoming which would give everyone an uninterrupted service.

Thank you

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Re: TV Reception
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2016, 03:49:26 PM »

Hello good Morning,

As we discuss in the forum and you, now we have problems receiving some frequencies and is not a problem of our system if not the spring equinox as the satellite is farthest from the sun which does not work with solar panels to 100% and work long hours with batteries reinforcing the satellite with which the signal is weaker than normal and given the signal to Almeria is not strong enough so that there is no signal problems, I still do all day reviews, your targeting and frequency signal to be as stable as possible for our area, and it always worked the Spanish T.DT changing the audio you can listen in English many films, series and documentaries.

a greeting


Hola muy buenas,

Como ya comente en el foro y a usted ,ahora tenemos problemas de recepción de algunas frecuencias y no es un problema de nuestro sistema si no del equinoccio de primavera ya que el satélite esta mas alejado del sol con lo cual no funciona con los paneles solares al 100% y trabaja muchas horas con las baterías de refuerzo del satélite con lo cual la señal es mas débil de lo normal y teniendo en  cuenta que la señal para Almeria no es lo suficientemente fuerte para que no haya problemas de señal ,aun así hago todo los días revisiones ,ajustes de orientación y de frecuencias para que sea la señal lo mas estable posible para nuestra zona,y además siempre le funcionara la T.DT española cambiando el audio lo puede escuchar en ingles muchas películas,series y documentales.

un saludo