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Its True
« on: November 22, 2015, 08:32:18 PM »
A Syrian immigrant​ arrives in London. He stops a man and says, "Thank you sir, for letting me come into your country,
giving me housing, Income support, free medical care, free housing and a free education!
The passer-by says, "You are mistaken, I am ​from Turkey​.
The ​immigrant​ ​walk​s on and ​says to another. "Thank you for having such a beautiful country here in Great Britain.
 The person says, "I not British, I am ​from ​​Bangladesh.​
The new arrival ​goe​s further, he stops​ the next person​, shakes his hand, and says, "​You must be proud of​ ​this ​wonderful country Great Britain!​ ​That person puts up his hand​s​ and says, "I am from ​Rumania​. I am not British.
He finally sees a nice lady and asks, "Are you British?
 She says, "No, I am from ​Bulgaria​." Puzzled, he asks her, "Where are all the British?
 The lady checks her watch and says, "​Oh they'll all be​ at work.