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A good day out
« on: July 15, 2015, 05:57:38 PM »

    08.00hrs off to Lorca Trucker Keith is over and Barry (Jan) came with us.  He has been once before but did not catch. This time he
  was with the experts HA.HA,
     We set up in a place which must have a wasp nest as they were all over us. But a soft pear kept them off us .
  I start of like a mad man fish every cast but as the day got hotter the fishing slowed down. There are more than fish in the lake
  as Keith & Barry will tell you TERAPINS each of them catching them. Not me which makes a change.
    How did we finnish Keith the Trucker 21 fish Barry 12 well done mate and me 23.
   A great day out with 2 good mates.
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