Author Topic: It Beggars Belief  (Read 598 times)

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It Beggars Belief
« on: April 01, 2015, 09:54:01 PM »
We have started shopping at the Big Mercadona just outside Vera, mainly because its easier to park & the isles are really wide so that if anyone gets a bit too close for comfort it looks a bit obvious then I get plenty of swing as I right hook them when they try to lift my wallet.
Anyway there's a guy that sits outside by the trolleys who we call " Hola " because when you get out the car he shouts " Hola " & when you take the trolley back he shouts " Hola " again just in case you haven't spotted him.
 I only normally give to beggars if they've done something to entertain me like singing or playing an instrument or even a bit of tap dancing, then at least they've earnt their money, nobody gives me money I have to earn it.
This guy just sits on his backside with his hand out, nice work if you can get it, so when we went shopping last, there he's sat, " Hola " he says, so I say " Hola " back just to be polite.
When we come out of the shop the Guardia are moving him on so now he knows a new word " Adios ", so we pack our shopping into the boot & go down to Iceland & as we walk round to the entrance there he's sat " Hola " he says.
There no way he could have walked so he must have a car, not bad for sitting on your backside all day & saying " Hola "

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